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 - by Independent No.1's Team

The WOA Team is getting ready to finalise tracks for the 7th Annual Independent No. 1's: Christmas Special Album. 


With the chart success that the Independent No. 1's Mainstream compilation series and the Goa Chillout Zone compilation series has received this far, the WOA team are curating the best independent holiday songs (covers and originals) for the 7th edition of the Christmas Special album so we can follow through and achieve the same level of chart success as our mainstream compilation albums. 


The 7th Annual Christmas Special Album will also be entered for the 65th Grammy Awards Nomination Ballots and will be supported with a full scale FYC campaign covering radio, retail, curated playlists and PR support via our association with news distribution giants Newswire.


Over 10,000 copies of the CD are replicated for. Free distribution to WOA radio partners, retail partners, resorts/restaurants and press. This album is not a commercial album for sale, however we will have the album made available on iTunes and Amazon for the explicit purpose of charting the album, to give the compilation artists an Official Chart Position on the iTunes/Amazon charts. 


Artists who want to submit for the Christmas Special Edition please click here 

INCLUSION FEE: Please note - if your song is selected via the submission program, you will have to pay an inclusion fee of 499 USD to be part of the 7th Annual Independent No. 1's: Christmas Special Album. Please do not submit for this album if you do not wish to pay the inclusion fee. 


Artists must be signed to a PRO (ascap, bmi etc) and we highly recommend signing up with CDBaby Pro or a similar publishing service, to get long term public performance/radio airplay collections for your music, via the extensive marketing campaign WOA Entertainment runs for the album. Please note that WOA does not collect Public Performance money for the artists and will not entertain any queries on that matter. Our main goal is to get the album extensive airplay and rotation across any and all outlets (terrestrial radio, digital radio, digitial playlists, retail chains, malls, restaurants, resorts etc). 


Submit your christmas/holiday song here or go to 

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