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Featured Artist 4 - Nias
Featured Artist 5 - Luna Blanca
Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7




FEATURED ARTIST No. 4 : NIAS comes in on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 as our No.4 Featured Artist. Nias is a songwriter, vocalist, and producer that tends to focus on artistic expression within the genres that he chooses to work more so than conformity to established norms. He uses lush vocal arrangements to achieve his signature sound. The Goa Chillout Zone is proud to present Nias' single 'Without You (Acoustic)' on Vol.7 of the world renowned Goa Chillout Zone. Find out more about Nias at the official Goa Chillout Zone Website 


FEATURED ARTIST No.5: LUNA BLANCA, our top selling artist and most successful act from the Goa Chillout Zone series is Richard Hecks and hios band Luna Blanca from Germany. They were the No.1 featured act on the very first Goa Chillout ZOne that was released and his song was picked up by WOA Records partners Universal Music Australia for their global 'World Chill Cafe' compilation whwre Luna Blanca were featured alongsuide artists like Nelly Furtado and Neneh Cherry. The Goa Chillout Zone is proud to present Luna Blanca's brand new single 'Guapa'  on Vol. 7 of the world renowned Goa Chillout Zone. Find out more about Luna Blanca at the official Goa Chillout Zone Website 


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