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Goa Chillout Zone Chart Success:

  • Vol.9 hits #1 on iTunes UK and Amazon UK

  • Vol.10 hits the iTunes & Amazon UK Top 10

  • Vol.11 hits #2 on the Amazon Hot New Releases Charts & iTunes Top 10

  • Vol.12 hits #1 Amazon Best Seller and ITunes UK

amazon music.png

Goa Chillout Zone Vol.12 hits #1 on the Official Amazon Hot New Releases Charts in the UK

Keeping with tradition, the 12th edition of the Goa Chillout Zone has topped the charts again. Every year this album series hits the top of the charts across iTunes and Amazon Charts. This year's Goa Chillout Zone compilation debuted at  #1 on Amazon and stayed in the Top 10 Bestsellers for several weeks. . Read More 

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